Caring&Growing With a heart of caring mother, We seek family happiness as growing dreams and hopes together.

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With a heart of caring mother, we seek family happiness as growing dreams and hopes together.

Agabang&Company was founded in 1979 as a company specialized in baby clothes and gears firstly in Korea. We produced and developed maternity and baby clothes, breastfeeding products, baby carriage and car seat, and pregnancy goods, and led its market. Our diverse products became lasting hallmark in the baby goods and had built the biggest domestic distribution network.

Not only the previous brands including Agabang, the representative brand in Korea, and DEARBABY, the brand with functionality and practicality, but also ETTOI which design works are done together with internationally acknowledged designers for the very first time in the industry, we are extending our brand power with experiences and its tradition in the market.

Agabang&Company will continuously focus on development of new products and securement of superiority, and make efforts to not only to grow domestically but also expand to the world with PUTTO, a new premium skin care brand and Destination Maternity, maternity clothes.

										Every wonder from pregnancy, birth, and nursery
										Agabang&Company will be with you.

										 The warm communion comes from the first pregnancy 
										and the feel of the baby move flutters heart in wonder!
										Thank you for being born healthy! 
										True heart to cheer for the new birth, Wonder and wondering!

										Wonder and wondering, Do Doo Doo!
										What is Doo Doo membership of Agabang&Company?
										Brands of Agabang&Company which provide every baby gear as clothes, 
										breastfeeding products, baby carriage, 
										and car seat are integrated into a membership service. 
										The new membership service provides beyond more benefits and services.


  • If you save more than a certain point into
    your account, you can use your points
    by exchanging free gifts, buying products, issuing offline coupons,
    or changing into online mileage.


Save Points. More points, bigger benefits!  Here is how to save Doo Doo points of Agabang&Company.

Point saving rate

3% of purchase amount and 1% of discount product amount

Point Saving Method

Present Doo Doo membership card (plastic or mobile) before payment

Use Points

How to use your points with high value. To use them, registered Doo Doo membership card (plastic or mobile) is compulsory.

  • 05Launched "TINYPLEX", toddler brand
  • 05Master franchise agreement with Vietnam's Sigon Co-0op Distribution
  • 04Launched "PUTTO DEPENS BUGS", a mosquito repellent
  • 09Acquired "DESIGN SKIN"
  • 06Opened distribution center in Incheon
  • 11Changed the largest shareholder of Agabang&Company to Lancy Korea(Subsidiary of Lancy Group)
  • 05Launched "ECOMU", naturally fermented skincare brand
  • 12Establishment of Shanghai Agabang Co., LTD
  • 02Launched "PUTTO", speciality skin care brand for baby
  • 12Performed showcase of Putto Therapy in China
  • 09Launched Putto Mothers (only for pregnant women)
  • 01Processed brand renewal for ETTOI
  • 01Signed an exclusive contact with 'Destination Maternity', an American maternity clothes company and launched in Korea
  • 06Processed brand renewal for BASICELLE
  • 01Processed brand renewal for ELLE
  • 08Launched PUTTO, a brand exclusively for atrophy skin care products
  • 08Launched 2YA2YAO, a daily wear brand
  • 05Stock Split: nominal value 5,000 won→ 500won, total number of issued share: 2,800,000 shares → 28,000,000 shares
  • 03Contributed to the new corporate, APEX Co., Ltd.(Distribution Center)
  • 03Changed the company name Agabang into Agabang&Company
  • 11Changed Childcare Co. Ltd. Yeoksam branch into direct management and opened after its renewal
  • 09Extended the Singal warehouse and adopted DAS system
  • 01Launched GYMITT, an exclusive home shopping brand
  • 11Awarded '$30 million Export Tower' and 'the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit' on the 40th Trade Day
  • 11Awarded '$20 million Export Tower' on the 32th Trade Day
  • 09Launched AGABANG ETTOI : collaboration with Designer Enju Hong
  • 01Registered in KOSDAQ
  • 01Established branch in Vietnam
  • 11Launched the brand BASIC ELLE: new generation luxury baby clothes for customers of outlets
  • 11Announced year 2001 as 'the year of zero debt management' with repayment of convertible bond
  • 12Opened the exclusive portal site for mothers and babies,
  • 05Merged Haesol Corp. into Agabang
  • 11Established Yantai Agabang Garment & Accessories Co., Ltd. , a Sales Corporate in China
  • 08Launched the brand ELLE POUPON : a brand targeting 0~5 old aged babies of the middle and upper class
  • 03Established Yantai Agabang Garment & Accessories Co., Ltd. ,a Production Corporate in China
  • 11Awarded '$10 million Export Tower' on the 32th Trade Day
  • 08Launched the brand DEARBABY: a practical baby clothes brand
  • 06AEstablished AGABANG U.S.A. Inc. (share rate 100%): export office of the Americas
  • 04Launched the Technology Development Division for sanitation and quality control of clothes and gears
  • 02Adopted customer management system : Agabang birth card membership
  • 01Published the company magazine
  • 07Registered brand Agabang in Los Angeles, USA.
  • 12Obtained Q mark for the first time in the baby products industry; Succeed in domestic producing, Promoted new product development
  • 03Changed the brand name into Agabang; Produced convenient and sanitary baby products domestically
  • 04Established Bora Distribution Industry Co., Ltd. ; the first company specialized in baby clothes and gear